Everybody experiences feelings of sadness at one time or another. Depression is different: it is like a dark fog which surrounds you, and feels impossible to navigate through. You may have difficulty getting through the day, and even the simplest of actions may seem like heavy chores. It may occur due to either a physical imbalance of brain chemistry or an emotional situation that has not been resolved. This can cause a great deal of stress and sadness in your life. Some people have obvious depressive symptoms and know that they need to seek help; other people may just feel miserable and unhappy without understanding that they are depressed. Depression affects each person differently whether it is physically, emotionally, and/or mentally. Even age and gender may play a role in how depression affects you.

Symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, irritability, reduced sex drive, insomnia or excessive sleeping, change in appetite, agitation, loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, crying spells, and thoughts of suicide. It is important to seek professional help, because these symptoms may worsen if left untreated. If you are feeling suicidal, be sure to call 911 or go to an emergency room. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.  

Depression is a chronic illness that requires treatment through psychotherapy, and possibly medication. There are many different types of psychotherapy that have been proven effective in the treatment of depression. If you are depressed, don’t hesitate to get the best help that is available to you .

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