Anxiety is a normal part of life. It can be useful when it alerts us to danger. But for some people, anxiety can be a persistent problem that interferes with their daily living. It can harm relationships and work, and can eventually lead to health concerns. There are many forms of anxiety that range from generalized anxiety, which is a persistent worry to post traumatic stress disorder, which has more specific trigger and symptoms. Anxiety also includes panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviors. People can experience significant anxiety in public or attending social events. Common symptoms include feeling nervous, excessive worrying, feeling powerless, having a sense of impending danger or doom, feeling panicky and experience physical symptoms  such as rapid or shallow breathing, excessive sweating, increased heart rate or trembling.

Counseling can help reduce stress and make behavioral changes to lessen anxiety. One of the effective techniques is cognitive behavioral therapy which focuses on replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if your situation doesn’t change, the stress and anxiety can be controlled by changing the way you respond. Relaxation techniques can be effective in reducing anxiety. Also, a medical evaluation may be necessary to see if there is an underlying physical cause for anxiety or if your current medications may be contributing to your anxiety.

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