Anger Management

Anger itself is not a problem. The danger lies in how someone manages their anger or the triggers for anger. Anger is a natural response to perceived threats, and when managed properly, it can even motivate you to take action or to get involved with causes that you feel passionate about .

Most people don’t know how to express anger appropriately. Anger may build up and result in a destructive outburst. Or, you may withdraw and not communicate at all. Neither are constructive ways of dealing with your anger. Inappropriately expressing your anger can lead to health problems such as aggravating chronic pain and sleep difficulties. It may also interfere with your relationships at home or at work, and if your anger is really out of control, you may find yourself in legal trouble.

Learning to express anger appropriately can be a challenge for anyone. However, therapy can help identify the triggers that make you angry, teach you how to respond in a healthy way, and explore underlying feelings that contribute to your anger.

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